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The First Step…


Minerva mesmerized by the view at Lake McDonald - Glacier National Park.

Welcome readers,

I wish I could tell you that the jump start of our journey with With Each Mile was exciting and thrilling-it was not, but rather emerged out of desperation. Necessity drove us to begin our first road trip together. From the inception of our relationship, both of us harbored a desire to travel, whether that meant our escapades would be within the US or internationally. Yet, the pivotal moment of that inaugural step remained uncertain. For a time, our aspirations hung palpably in the atmosphere of our living room, existing as little more than wishful dreams awaiting realization. That is until tragedy hit the world, and we were left to wonder if we would ever get the chance to commence our journey.  

It started in the middle of 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic. The world had shut down. In the midst of this tumultuous time, I was in my dental hygiene program and Sam was working with a pharmaceutical company. Our lives were constricted to the confines of our home. Our trips to the grocery store were limited. Going to Restaurants, movie theaters, etc. were non-existent. Our once vibrant life came to a dwindle.  The only luxury we could afford was talking our one dog up and down the parking lot of our apartment, which by comparison was a pale imitation of the freedom we once took for granted. 

It was out of desperation, a need to break away from the monotony, that we agreed to plan a road trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. So, for the next few months we diligently budgeted for a two week round trip across the U.S. We  conscientiously scouted our route, Airbnb for each night, food supply, and cabin stay while in Montana. Just one month shy from starting our trip, fate intervened and we adopted our second furry companion.  End of December 2020 arrived, and we packed our luggage, dogs, bottles of hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and set off across the country to behold the majestic mountains of Glacier National Park. 

Since then, we’ve made it a tradition to carve out time each year to vacation. Every trip has been unique yet incredibly fulfilling. Despite maintaining our 9-5 jobs, we’ve found a way to prioritize these adventures. While the notion of purchasing an RV and embarking on an extended journey across the country may be enticing, it’s simply not feasible for us. Like many others, we have bills and responsibilities to uphold. Moreover, we find solace in the stability of our jobs and routines, as it allows our trips to feel like true vacations when we manage to escape. We believe many of you can relate to this sentiment, which is why we decided to create “With Each Mile.” Our hope is that our blog will serve as a valuable resource for all of you, providing informative content on purchasing gear, planning, budgeting, and managing childcare, whether it’s with your fur-babies or human children.

It’s important to note that while we do have one child, out of respect for her privacy, we’ve agreed not to feature her prominently in our articles. Although there may be occasional mentions of her, they will be kept vague. We’ve made this decision with the intention of waiting until she is older and able to consciously consent to being a part of our project.

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