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Work Boundaries, Road Boundless

About Us

About Us

Minerva at the site of Monte Alban from her international travels.
Samuel sitting on a wall near Mount Rainier National Park
Toby with his long fur sitting on a brick covered ground
Lily exploring the woods at Peavine Falls, Oak Mountain State Park.

Even before we met, we both had an insatiable wanderlust, drawing us to explore the country. So, with little hesitation, we packed our car, strapped in our two furry co-pilots, Toby & Lily, and set out on the open road. Together, we’ve journeyed over 25,000 miles of open road, witnessed the beauty of 11 National Parks & traversed the varied landscapes of 34 U.S. States.

While our wanderlust knows no bounds, we recognize the reality of balancing our adventurous spirit with the responsibilities of everyday life – jobs, bills & other responsibilities that come with being an adult. This is why we created With Each Mile: to share our journey of carving out time amidst these demands to explore the world. We hope to inspire fellow adventures to find moments to get out & explore the world around us.

We thrive on adventure and the beauty of discovery. So, we carved out a little corner of the internet for fellow adventurers – those who are excited to travel, explore & adventure, but find it challenging to escape the day-to-day grind. If that sounds like you, then welcome to With Each Mile! We invite you to join us on our journey, share your own experiences & connect with us through comments, social media or email!